Day 1
24 Oct 2016
Day 2
25 Oct 2016
Day 3
26 Oct 2016
Day 4
27 Oct 2016
Day 5
28 Oct 2016

Big Data from Small Things

It’s estimated that there will be over 50 billion devices connected to the internet by the year 2020. The triad of ubiquitous wireless connectivity, falling costs for micro-controllers and the...
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Big Data VIP Drinks Evening

Connections and conversation evening Speakers, business leaders, academics and key movers and shakers from the Big Data Scene will gather as Big Data Week begins for informal discussions and to make...
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Big Data in Small Contexts – Breakfast at Brasserie Blanc

Does Big Data automatically lead to Deep Understanding? What are the dangers of extending our data set when our context is unique and richly individual? Artificial Intelligence PhD holder and...
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Whose Data is it Anyway? Why ownership is a Bad Idea for Personal Data

This talk for business leaders, given by Dr Kevin Macnish of the Univeristy of Leeds, will address problems with the idea that we “own” the data that relates to us. Dr Macnish will...
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So You Want to be a Data Scientist?

Thinking about life post-university, or debating a career change: Meet the experts. Hosted by Jamie and Cameron, both recent graduates of Leeds University, this fun, practical event has a range...
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Big Data for Marketers

You can’t ignore it. It won’t go away. And you might just love it  Marketing used to be easy. Then along came analytics. We’ve CRM reports, Google Analytics, Marketing Automation...
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Big Data For Business Growth: Cloud Case Studies

Malmaison morning meeting, with lunch and optional roundtable What if the answers to all those business challenges that kept you awake at night were already in your possession? This morning’s speakers...
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